Practice Team

Practice Team:

At Livingstone Street Clinic, all doctors and staff are involved in regular training to handle emergencies,

to handle the intricacies of Medicare and to manage all sorts of queries.

Each is also obliged to be vaccinated against the common vaccine-preventable infections


Dr John Casey

Dr Ken McHenry

Dr Carol Chaivachirasak

Dr Mary Wong

Dr Veronika Kirchner

Dr Catherine Maclean


Nursing staff:

Our nurses have special training in immunisation, diabetes care, asthma,

patient education,  wound and ulcer management.

Meri,  Marie,  Georgie & Yen.


Office Staff:

Please speak to our staff about appointments, fees, reports and letters.

Office Manager : Kelly Vasilopoulos

Special Projects Manager: Colleen Price

Reception:  Sabina, Sarah, Colette, Adele & Nita.